Our book is a fun way of learning chess, structured as a proprietary curriculum
The fairytale is different from other chess books on the market in its approach, its methodology, and in its artistic appeal. Exceptional artistic design filled with numerous illustrations of the topics at hand make the learning easy and enjoyable.


Our book will inspire your child – captivated by the many lessons the story provides, your child will quickly learn the rules of game and begin improving their chess in no time. And the benefits go beyond the game itself! Chess helps:

  • strengthen intellect and logical reasoning,
  • develop creativity and imagination,
  • teach discipline, and improve concentration & memory.


Children love adventures and love to listen to stories! It’s no wonder then, that they find it much easier and more enjoyable to become accustomed to the rules of the game when they are woven into a fairytale story rather than stated in a boring textbook. Additionally, the book’s beautiful artwork makes it all the more enjoyable.

The European Chess School serves as a patron for the English version of this book.


Where can I find the book?
The English version of the book “Chess for children. A chess fairytale” is now available at the world’s leading online store, Amazon.com (click here!)
Invest in your child’s mind and take it to the magical world of Chessburgh!