What Our Readers Are Saying

I can genuinely recommend this fairy tale to everyone. In a very pleasant way, it injects you into the magical world of chess and evokes further interest in the game. I am certain that the intellectual duel in Chessburgh will encourage many children to play the game, a portion of who will fall in love with the game forever!


Jacek Szwed

entrepreneur, avid chess player

Thanks to the beautiful fairy tale and its illustrations, this book is a fantastic introduction for children to the magical world of chess. The approachable tone of the book works sensationally on children’s imaginations and causes them to fall in love in the game! This is a truly unparalleled book for the young!


Jeremiasz de Nowina Konopka

FIDE coach at FIDE’s International Academy Culture Echecs in France.

This is a delightful and original instroduction to chess, and we recommend it highly to children and their parents.


Shaun Tracey

founder of the Cayman Islands Chess-in-Schools programme