Our chess adventure began when we were young, so we understand how important it is to learn the rules of the game from an early age. With our very young readers in mind, we wrote this fairytale about the educational and therapeutic advantages to chess, as we know the fairytale world will let their imaginations run wild. It is filled not with the knowledge your child needs to get started in chess, but with plenty of energy to keep the journey fun every step of the way.

We have over 10 years experience working with children: running classes in kindergartens and schools, as well as teaching privately. We have had pupils from the farthest reaches of Asia, North America, Australia and Africa, so lessons in English have never posed a challenge! We have also carried out courses abroad – most recently in Shanghai.

For a few years now we have been running the European Chess School, through which we have organised courses in many educational institutions, most of which are based in Warsaw and the surrounding regions. We have partnered up with qualified instructors, who on top of being skilled players, establish a great working relationship with the children.

We are among only 15 women in Poland who have managed to gain the title of trainer. We share our teaching experience and methodology at teacher seminars through the Polish Chess Association’s ‘Education Through Chess in School’ programme.