The only book of its kind on the market!

"Chess for Children. A chess fairytale” is written as a fairytale about the educational advantages to chess. English version of the fairytale now available!

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A chess fairytale

..a proprietary curriculum which makes learning chess fun!

For Children

"Chess for Children: A chess fairytale” is education and fun wrapped up in one.

6 Editions

Already six editions in, the evergrowing success of the original Polish version of "Chess for Children: A chess fairytale” has encouraged us to translate it into English as well !

eBook on Amazon

It remains the only book of its kind on the chess market, and can be purchased on

chess Bestseller in Poland

"Chess for Children. A chess fairytale” fully deserves its status as one of the best selling chess books on the Polish market. In April, the book’s six edition was released after the first five editions sold out.

Educational fairytale

Beautiful fairytale about the educational advantages to the game. Thanks to the book’s engaging storytelling, not only can chess become an exciting adventure for your child, but a lifelong passion as well! As they discover the magical kingdom of Chessburgh, they will soon realise just how immensely fascinating the world of chess can be.

English version

Now it’s time for the English version of the book: "Chess for Children: A chess fairytale” – now on sale!


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It depends on you..

..that your children will be smarter because learning faster by fun !

What Our Readers Are Saying

I can genuinely recommend this fairy tale to everyone. In a very pleasant way, it injects you into the magical world of chess and evokes further interest in the game. I am certain that the intellectual duel in Chessburgh will encourage many children to play the game, a portion of who will fall in love with the game forever!


Jacek Szwed

entrepreneur, avid chess player

Thanks to the beautiful fairy tale and its illustrations, this book is a fantastic introduction for children to the magical world of chess. The approachable tone of the book works sensationally on children’s imaginations and causes them to fall in love in the game! This is a truly unparalleled book for the young!


Jeremiasz de Nowina Konopka

FIDE coach at FIDE’s International Academy Culture Echecs in France.

This is a delightful and original instroduction to chess, and we recommend it highly to children and their parents.


Shaun Tracey

founder of the Cayman Islands Chess-in-Schools programme

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Invest in your child’s mind


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254 pages
17 chapters
colorful pictures
chess diagrams

About Authors

Adrianna Staniszewska, Urszula Staniszewska

Our chess adventure began when we were young, so we understand how important it is to learn the rules of the game from an early age. With our very young readers in mind, we wrote this fairytale about the educational and therapeutic advantages to chess, as we know the fairytale world will let their imaginations run wild. It is filled not with the knowledge your child needs to get started in chess, but with plenty of energy to keep the journey fun every step of the way...
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